Slipwell's Solid, Reinforced-Concrete Towers

Slipwell Industries towers are solid, reinforced concrete instead of the more common CMU towers offered by masonry companies. Our concrete is high-early and self-consolidating with a 28 day compressive strength of more than 8,000 psi. We reinforce it with Cem-FIL Minibars and steel rebar to ensure maximum tensile strength and to minimize installation labor cost and cosmetic cracking.

With CMU towers, architects can only tie into the tower structurally on bond beams. Our towers can be tied into anywhere and can receive much more lateral loading from the building. Our production process produces towers that are more consistently plumb than masons.

We can pre-engineer the towers that we produce to save you engineering expense. We have a much smaller footprint on your jobsite than masons, as our scaffolding is all on the inside of the tower, and our concrete is pumped to the tower from off the concrete pad. There is no risk of falling tools or cinder blocks, so wood-framers and other tradesman can begin their work alongside us.

Example Submittal for Architects and Engineers

Download Example Submittal PDF