Over the last 3 years, Slipwell Industries has developed the Slipwell Tower Jumper. The Tower Jumper is a modular moving form system that vertically jumpforms stairwells and elevator shafts. Using advanced ready-mix concrete and a towable concrete pump, the Tower Jumper can be constructed in a day and jumpform 12-24 vertical feet of tower per day with a crew size of only 2-3 men.

The Tower Jumper is comprised of modular parts all lighter than 300 lbs. This allows for easy construction and deconstruction onsite without needing a heavy crane. The Tower Jumper has two platforms that climb the same geared columns. The top platform supports the forms. The bottom platform is a worker platform and elevator to allow the workers to quickly travel between the ground and the top of the tower.

The Tower Jumper can produce any dimension of tower with any wall thickness.

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