James Zitting

Member and CEO

James Zitting had the initial idea that lead to the creation of Slipwell Industries. He has been working since the beginning to provide many of the new, creative ideas for optimizing Slipwell’s operations.

Tim Broadbent


Tim Broadbent leads the design work and has a great deal of experience in the concrete industry.

Tom Zitting


Tom Zitting is part-owner and co-founder of Bountiful Enterprises, L.L.C., a large, long-running structural steel fabrication company with an affinity for automation.

Michael Roach, P.E.


Michael Roach is a structural engineer and owns part of Slipwell and Complete Structural Consulting, a long-running structural engineering firm.

Guy Zitting


Guy Zitting has worked with James Zitting for decades with many successes. He has lots of experience with structural steel and wood-frame construction.

Ethan Zitting


Ethan Zitting Co-Founded Slipwell Industries with James back in 2016. For the first three years, he did much of the research and design work.